This is What we do as Iris Interiors


We're offering a full range of services for any corporate related company, residential and the hospitality industry.


We design and create Gypsum ceilings that are environmental friendly, have good sound proof installation and is directed resistant.

These alluring ceiling ideas involve:-

  • Acoustic ceilings
  • Gypsum ceilings
  • Wooden ceilings


We add a little character to both on your interior and exterior spaces by creating a more comfortable and natural feel.
We create ways to add functionality and style with:

  • Lime based wall paste and finishes that assure you a long lasting and aesthetic effect.
  • Block board
  • Aluminium
  • Gypsum


We customize different furniture sets including kitchen units,wardrobes and vanities to fit your dreams and space.

These include:-

  • Customized cabinets for the kitchen space with both low and high-level & island cabinets.
  • Customized wardrobes with different colors accessories and sizes.

Fixtures & Fittings

We also enhance the interior decor and finishing design using fixtures & fittings that add a simple and glamorous touch bringing an inspiration to your home.
These include:

  • Venetian blinds
  • Tiling
  • Carpeting

Decorative Painting

Ordinary paint gives a bold and clear-cut finish,while decorative paste works out a tranquil ambience.

  • Crown paints
  • Duracoat

Tiling (Floor & Walls)

Our floor trims and fittings are designed and installed to meet your needs such are carpets, tiles, wood etc.

This involve:-

  • We supply and fix floor and wall tiles with plain or textured surfaces.
  • We also use borders and different colors to break the monotony and create a flow.

Curtains,Shades & Drapes

Drapes and curtains protects and shades against sharp light dimming the room to give a sattle look and feeling.

Try and consider:

  • Always going for bright for small rooms and bold colored for larger rooms.
  • A choice much more successful,one that accents the height of the opening with flair.