Gypsum ceilings & interior designGypsum ceilings & interior design ideas is what we major in providing a unique artwork including gypsum ceilings and interior designing solutions for any commercial and residential space to create style and comfort.

As Iris Interiors, our commitment is to deliver the very best in high-end design and luxury living that fulfills any client’s expectations through collaborations and exceptional services.




Creative design of spaces play a major role in enhancing the quality of the finished product.

These spaces need to be a reflection of our essence as individuals, telling stories of our lives and mirroring our personality.As Iris Interiors,we help you to incorporate your individuality into your living space through color and accessories.Thus, in this regard convert your office to mirror your company’s vision and goals through branding, sizing, Gypsum ceilings & interior design.
Product Conceptualization, Design and Landscape Design

Our team visualizes different concepts and designs your end product before you get started.We then create floor plans, 3Ds and walk-throughs of your finished product.These allow you to know how your completed product shall turn out.

Wall, Gypsum ceiling and Floor finishes

Our Gypsum ceilings & interior design artwork brings you to a bespoke journey from inspiration to a “Big reveal” to let your home tell a unique story while creating the space of your dreams, whether its your brand ,home or business.

These areas do not need to be dull.They can be livened by using a blend of colours and proper accessorizing.Your endless options include; textured painting, lighting fixtures, different types of floors and ceilings, artwork and much more.


Do you have a great space but have no idea how to turn it into a personal expression of yourself? Whether your space is tiny or LARGE, we got you! We will sit down with you, get to understand your individuality, advice and work with you to transform your space according to your taste.

Iris Interiors engage in artficial lighting, structural design and renovation,Gypsum ceilings & interior design; space planning and furniture layout and specialized construction in case your home, office or space may require extra modification.